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Residents invited to have their say on the library service

Two online sessions are taking place on Monday 20th September for residents to discuss their views and ideas with the County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Louise McKinlay.

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Welcome to "www.elmdonessex.org" the new website for
Elmdon & Wenden Lofts Parish Council

As some may know Graham Knight is relinquishing his stewardship of the elmdonessex.org website after long and valiant service.

The Parish Council has assumed the responsibility for, and will continue to fund, the site in the future. The Council's aim is to make the site more inclusive for the parish as a whole, in addition to meeting their regulatory "transparency" requirements for the public availability of information.

The old site can still be found “www.elmdonessex.info” but will no longer be updated and will disappear around the end of September. All the information from the old site has been preserved and much of it will be integrated into new site over the next few months.

As the platform on which the old website was built is being retired and Graham suggested an alternative. He has kindly seen us through the transition and laid the foundations for the new site. The appearance of the new site will be very different and hopefully meet the needs of all the devices now used to access the internet.

New information and pages will be added to encompass all areas and aspects of the Parishes to create a resource and point of reference for the whole community.

At the moment the website is in its infancy and will change as the needs are better understood, comments are welcome on any aspect of the new site, from looks to content.

For the moment please address any comments regarding the website to trevor@warrenfarm.com.

Last but not least I would like to thank Graham on behalf of everyone for all his hard work over the years and offer of support as I strive to maintain the standard.

22nd May, Trevor Guy

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